The Definitive Bridal Trends To Know For 2022

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A wedding day not only offers a bride the celebration of marriage and the beginning of her future with her beloved, but also serves as a chance to illustrate, through her sartorial choices, who she is to her closest family and friends. A decision which will remain with her in happy memories — and later in the well-thumbed photo album — forever and ever.


So, it's of no surprise that it can feel overwhelming for many when they come to make those dress decisions. For decades, what we consider ”bridal” has scarcely shifted. Usually, it centres around a white floor-length dress, sometimes dressed up in lace or tulle, then completed with a veil, a bouquet and a seemingly sensible sandal.


Yet, a new mood is emerging. Brides of 2022 and beyond are choosing individualism over conformity, opting for pieces that represent who they are — and, crucially, can be worn again — alongside the post-pandemic vogue for microweddings. Here at Nadine Merabi, this is music to our ears as we’ve long encouraged our customers, whether they be brides or otherwise, to opt for our pieces that speak to their own sense of personal style for life’s most exciting occasions.


Here are the five 2022 wedding trends we’re most looking forward to seeing our brides walk down the aisle in.

1. The Fabulous Feather Trim  

Blame it on the Y2K revival or our craving for all-out fabulousness, but a lavish strip of marabou is the fashion-forward bride’s must-have. What’s great about the recent resurgence in this tactile treasure is that there’s a multitude of ways to take on the trend, whether that’s in our Darcie pyjamas, which will prove a perfect wedding morning option, our Margot suit or dance-floor ready dresses, like the Evie or Katie.

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2. The Extra Special White Suit

Ever since Bianca Jagger opted to marry Mick in louche white tailoring in 1971, the all-white suit has been a go-to for any soon-to-be Mrs looking for something a little alternative. For those looking to make like Mrs Jagger at her French Riviera ceremony, then we have a trio of options that stick to that sharp, retro-leaning silhouette, but come complete with contemporary details: Kira comes embellished with all-over crystals; Charlotte comes with contrast satin details and a sweet line of pearls trailing down the blazer’s sleeve and Meghan is made up in shimmering velvet fabric hand-embroidered sequins and metallic thread embroidery.


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3. Bows! Bows! Bows!

The time has come for brides to reconsider the bridal bow. Worlds away from those that their mothers might have considered for their own weddings, or those that now-brides were subjected to as young flower girls, today they’re fastened with modern allure. At Nadine Merabi, we’ve taken on the tradition of bridal bows but transported it into 2022 in our mini-length Emilee dress that has its placed on the back for a dramatic final touch.


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4. Say “I Do” to Florals

Don’t disregard florals as feeling overly fussy or fusty. Today, they make for a romantic finish for all manner of bridal silhouettes, each working for a bride’s personal preference. Plus, at Nadine Merabi, we know that florals aren’t a one-flora-fits-all solution and so we’ve developed dainty florals for pieces like our Olivia and Isabella dresses, but also have more palm-like embellishments across our Talia and Stella styles.


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5. The Roaring Twenties

2022 cements us firmly in the 2020s, which comes with a sartorial approach that references the liberated years of the original Roaring Twenties at the start of the 20th century. Nothing will appease the bride that’s ready to dance the night away more than dresses that look to the fabulous flappers of that era, which will swish, swoosh and cause a sartorial splash from the first dance right until the final song.


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