Mums of MERABI:
A Q&A on all things motherhood.

It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK. A day to really appreciate that special lady in your life and show her how much she means to you. Whether it’s your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, best friend, or any motherlike figure, they deserve extra special attention today.


To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we sat down with our incredible mums of MERABI and chatted about motherhood.

Q1) Share what motherhood means to you

"Well, sleep deprivation for a start, snotty noses… and the feeling of unconditional love. There’s ups and downs but the ups far outweigh the downs and I wouldn’t change it for the world."
- Nadine Merabi, Creative Director


"I first became a mum in January 2021, to my gorgeous baby boy Alfie who was heartbreakingly born sleeping and just 2 weeks ago we welcomed our baby girl, Lilah into the world. I am still figuring out motherhood as a mum to a newborn but instinctively to me motherhood is about nurturing our little girl whilst also protecting and honouring the memory of her big brother who will always be a part of our family." - Aimee Whelan, E-commerce Manager


"Motherhood means the world to me. Raising Lila & Lizzie is the best & most important thing I will ever do. It’s the most enjoyable too. My sisters now have daughters & we are like a wolf pack raising them together. My daughters are a little older than my nieces Niamh (10) & Bo (3) & my heart melts when I see them helping them grow, encouraging them & caring, we are passing the love & bond down to a new generation."
- Jemma Carr, Executive Assistant

  Image of Aimee Whelan and daughter Lilah

Q2) What about being a mother empowers you?

"Being responsible for a new life, nurturing and teaching my kids right from wrong, then seeing them take all that advice on board and turning out to be the best individuals ever."
- Louise Lever, Buyer/Executive Assistant


"What I love about being a mum is that this little person loves you no matter what. I love to sit back and watch life through his eyes at times as there are no worries at this age. I am empowered by the people I surround myself with and hope that my learnings in life teach him to be kind to others and life live the best you can. I love the challenges that motherhood can bring as no one teaches you how hard it can be but the most rewarding thing to ever happen to you."
Louise Lomas, Designer


"Being a mother empowers me to be a better person for my kids, to be a role model for them and make the best choices I can do." - Nadine Merabi, Creative Director

                Image of Louise Lomas and son Joshua

Q3) What is your favourite thing about being a mum?

"My favourite thing about being a mum is loving unconditionally & getting that in return. It’s a bond that is unbreakable. I love watching them grow & become strong women too, it’s a great feeling knowing you have helped mould them into strong characters equipped to take on the big world, I can’t wait to see what they achieve through life." - Jemma Carr,  Executive Assistant


"At only 2 weeks old, I am just soaking up every single moment of Lilah each day."
Aimee Whelan, E-commerce Manager


"The love you feel and receive from your children is indescribable, and seeing them happy and healthy is second to none"
Louise Lever, Buyer/Executive Assistant


Image of Jemma Carr and daughters Lila & Lizzie

Q4) What is your favourite mum approved MERABI?

"OLIVIA Black without a doubt, Demure yet Sexy, Classic, Timeless, Sophisticated….Perfection!"
- Louise Lever, Buyer/Executive Assistant


"One of our favourite things to do has always been the 3 of us in bed watching a good film (although space has become limited as they have grown!) so my obvious choice would be DARCIE pyjamas – comfy, classy & bringing a bit of glam to movie night. "
-Jemma Carr,  Executive Assistant


"NINA Gold! I love nothing more than to step into a sequin number at the weekend that is sleek and empowering and I can dance the night away feeling fabulous! Or for a more casual night for dinner with my husband and son I would love nothing more than to wear the DARCIE Pyjama top that is statement and easy to wear (can wipe away any spillages)" - Louise Lomas, Designer


Image of Nadine Merabi's daughters, Víví and Etti

Q5) What is your favourite activity to do with your kids

"Bouncing around on the trampolines, both my 19yr old girl and 11yr old boy have such fun and the age difference goes out of the window, all they do is laugh, it is the most uplifting sound ever!"
- Louise Lever, Buyer/Executive Assistant


"At the moment, we are enjoying all the newborn snuggles but as she grows I can’t wait to get her out in nature exploring the world"
-Aimee Whelan, E-commerce Manager


"I like to spend my mornings training, doing a home circuit session. Etti and Víví like to join in, so it feels like we’re all training together. Especially when Etti lays there on her back, kicking her legs.”
- Nadine Merabi, Creative Director


Image of Louise Lever, daughter Katie & son Seb


A massive thank you to all the amazing mums who inspire us every day, your hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

Love, Team MERABI xx