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Meet some of our gorgeous brides who celebrated their love story in MERABI

Nobody loves a good happy ending more than we do, especially when those happy endings are celebrated in MERABI.

We spoke to some of our beautiful brides and asked them to share a little bit more about their journey to getting married in MERABI.

First up, we have the beautiful Lola.

                Image by @lola__wayne @mariola.zoladzvia Instagram


Lola got married in our gorgeous  FAYE White Top and CHARLOTTE White Trousers.

Where did you get married?

We got married in Atlanta, GA but before that, we had a scaled-down ceremony at Old Marylebone Town Hall in London, with just our friends.

When did you get married and a brief history about how you met your partner:

I got married in November 2021. We met in 2006, freshman year of college and didn’t date until 12 years later, after lots of “will they, won’t they” years.

What was your favourite detail about your MERABI:

I really wanted to keep things casual but still classy and elevated for the UK ceremony. My favourite detail was the train on the side of the top. It gave me the best of both worlds - gotta have the train!!

Why did you choose this style?

I chose that style because I’ve always admired women who wear trousers at their weddings. I was glad to have the option to try out multiple styles.

How did wearing her make you feel?

Wearing her made me feel like a BOSS! Felt like the most beautiful woman.


Next, we have the stunning Kalyn.

            Image by @kschieffer @weddingsbytonyandelenavia Instagram


Kalyn wore our breathtaking  SADIE White as her wedding reception afterparty dress.

Where did you get married?

Dripping Springs, Texas at Ma Maison

When did you get married and a brief history about how you met your partner:  

I met my husband, Chris, in freshman year of college in 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts, where we now live! We’ve been together for almost 11 years.

What was your favourite detail about your MERABI:

My favourite detail about my SADIE White dress was how fun the beading was. It is such a unique, eye-catching dress and it photographed SO well! A close second favourite feature was how comfortable it was. I didn’t expect such a fitted dress to be so comfortable but it was amazing to change out of my mermaid style wedding gown and be able to dance as much as I wanted at the reception.  

Why did you choose this style?

I was worried I wouldn’t still feel ‘bridal’ with a dress change, especially into a short dress, but I felt amazing and was still very much the centre of attention and the photos were so fun to see afterwards.

How did wearing her make you feel?

I felt so amazing in my SADIE White dress. It was so flattering and made me feel confident dancing in front of the entire crowd at our wedding and people were so in love with the style and how the beading moved.

Finally, we have the sensational Maryann.

                Image by @maryann.dos.santos via Instagram


Maryann wore our show-stopping  STELLA White dress for her big day.

Where did you get married?

I got married at The Old Church, Red Hill. Melbourne, Australia.

When did you get married and a brief history about how you met your partner?

24th February 2017, James & Maryann began dating. 25th February 2018 was when James proposed to Maryann. And on 24th February 2019, Maryann was Married in MERABI.

Why did you choose this style?

From the moment I put it on I did not want to take it off. I wanted a dress that was simple/classic but with immaculate detail and that is exactly what the STELLA dress is! The dress is luxurious, romantic and hugs the curves perfectly! I could not have picked a more perfect dress for my wedding.



Beautiful love stories for beautiful women, we just adore it. Thank you to Lola, Kalyn, Maryann for sharing your special moments with us and thank you to all the other beautiful brides that have married in MERABI and to those that are planning to. We can’t wait to see how gorgeous you all look.

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