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Everything You Need To Know About Nadine Merabi And HURR'S Collaboration

Ever since Nadine Merabi established her eponymous label from her bedroom in 2010, there has been an active decision to prioritise conscious design. One of the ways which we follow this through is by creating pieces that are made to last, to be worn and worn again and for you to fall in love with them more and more with every wear.

In order for this to be a reality, we ensure that all Nadine Merabi pieces are created with love and care and to the finest standards ensuring longevity and the ultimate opportunity to love them for longer. Seeing this come into fruition and our customers rewearing their pieces for seminal moments in their lives is always a highlight for the team.

It’s why we’ve taken the next step in this journey and partnered with HURR, the world's first B Corp fashion rental platform; to allow Nadine Merabi dresses and our message to go a little further and open up the opportunity for even more of you to live your best life as a Nadine Merabi woman.

If you’ve not heard of HURR, you’re missing out. It’s the ultimate fashion rental platform that allows you to borrow pieces from fellow lenders to ensure that you’re not only looking and feeling your best self but doing it with increased responsibility and circularity too. Now, we’re excited to tell you that your dream Nadine Merabi pieces are yours to rent with HURR.

It made sense that we take this next step for two reasons. Not only does it work towards our commitment to be a more sustainable enterprise, but it also answers a demand that we’d heard from you. On HURR, Nadine Merabi is in the top five brands in terms of the frequency with which it is rented. It’s our Bella jumpsuit — all gorgeous embellished fabric and form-fit silhouette — that proves to be the most popular of our styles.


Joining the gorgeous Bella jumpsuit with our managed rentals on Hurr are 14 other signature pieces that illustrate the breadth of the Nadine Merabi collection. Now, our recognisable pieces that will work for hen dos to the wedding and birthday parties to Christmas celebrations are yours for the taking, well, borrowing and each involves very little commitment. We’ve made it a priority that our pieces are available for everyone and so each style is offered in a range of sizes and prices start from just £25. Who could not be tempted by this fabulous proposition?

But, the best thing about borrowing a look from Nadine Merabi on HURR is the ability to experiment and have the opportunity to wear a whole host of looks that might not have been previously possible. Plus, with rental’s sustainable credibility being the leading factor for both us and HURR, you can clearly see with each borrow how you are positively impacting the environment by choosing rental over buying something that you might only choose to wear once.

Thank you, HURR! We’re so excited to be able to invite even more wonderful women in the Nadine Merabi fold.