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Autumn /Winter
Woman Collection

MERABI’s are inspired by the runway,
but made to be timeless.

We’re proud to say our pieces are all made by hand. We work closely with specialist suppliers to source the best materials for our unique fabrics, and design everything right here in Manchester. We have an amazing relationship with a team of super talented seamstresses, who cut our patterns and work their magic on all the technical bits. Our designers work alongside them on every collection, from first spark to last stitch. As for Nadine, you’ll find her right there with them every step of the way.

Being mindful of every link in the supply chain will always be our priority. Our fabrics are sourced by us, stitched by hand and sent straight to your door. No middle man. We’re always pushing to make our working environment as positive as possible - and make sure the power is in all the right places. We’ve visited all our suppliers (and chat to them most days) to make sure the pay is fair and every worker is happy. So you can open up that MERABI package and know it’s come from a good place.

From Design

to Doorstep

From Design to Doorstep

From design to doorstep each MERABI is made with love, in a positive and safe environment for the whole supply chain. We care about our MERABI community, that includes you, our brilliant clients, but also our suppliers, partners and staff.

The designing

A MERABI begins its journey in the minds of Nadine or our designer Hannah, who are inspired by trends and runways, but also classic shapes and styles to make each MERABI timeless and a design to be worn over and over again. With the agile nature of our business these designs can quickly become a reality thanks to our amazing team and suppliers. Meaning we can stay at the forefront of trends and react to recent events.

The pattern making

From the initial ideas and designs the next step is pattern cutting. Janet will cut the patterns to find out if the design will work technically and feedback with any changes required.

The Prototype

Once all is approved the designs are sent to one of our three suppliers in India or China who make a sample for us to measure and fit, fit comments are given and a second prototype is created. At this point the styles can go into production and delivered back to us here in Manchester, this whole process can be as quick as ten weeks.

The manufacturers

We work so closely with our suppliers, we have visited the factories where our dresses are made to ensure they are safe and that the workers are happy and paid fairly. During the COVID-19 pandemic we made sure that we did not cancel any orders, to continue to support our factories, as they are part of our community, our family.


We order styles that we know will sell, we order small, limited edition drops, we don’t hold masses of stock that will go to waste. Any damaged pieces are repaired or the fabric is used to repair other pieces, nothing goes to waste.

Final checks

When the pieces land back with us they are checked, measured and hand finished by our amazing in house tailor and seamstress team. Habib has been working with Nadine for many years and his attention to detail is second to none.

The Photoshoot

When planning a photoshoot there are many important elements, from finalising the style and overall aesthetic for the shoot, to finding the perfect models who fit the MERABI brand as well as make the clothing look amazing on camera. Not to mention finding the best locations to shoot in and making sure we have the best photography team to capture the perfect images. The final images are then carefully selected and approved by Nadine ready to be added to the site.


A big part of our marketing is to build relationships with amazing ambassadors and media all over the word, Aimee our Global Partnerships and PR Coordinator finds the perfect ambassadros to represent the MERABI brand. Not only do influences help us reach larger audiences but also bring the designs to life in real world situations and shoot some beautiful imagery. As a global brand, we work closely with a diverse network of content creators all over the world to gain more awareness and activity.


Each MERABI is carefully packaged, wrapped in tissue paper and comes with a fabric swatch (perfect to take shoe/bag/makeup shopping), a handwritten note and a hanging bag all in a beautiful keepsake box. Our boxes are recyclable but made with the intention of being kept and reused

Client Care

Carly, our Client Care is on hand for any questions, order help or fit queries to ensure that your MERABI is perfect for you.



The MERABI Obsession

Every Merabi stitch starts with an obsession. Four obsessions, to be exact.


From her very first design, Nadine Merabi’s focus has been on fit. We all know the difference between a dress that fits you like a glove and one that hangs, bunches and clings in all the wrong places. Nothing we do is ever rushed. Each pattern takes time (sometimes even years), from the first spark of inspiration all the way to the last stitch. And if something doesn’t feel quite right, we’ll rework it until it is.

A world where everyone’s the same? That sounds pretty dull to us. Women are individuals - always have been, always will be. That’s what makes us beautiful. We make clothes that highlight all the bits you love about yourself - and skim over the bits you don’t.


Without the perfect fabric, the perfect fit doesn’t mean a thing. From Korea to China, Italy to right here in the UK, we travel the world for gorgeous, top-quality materials. We design all our own fabrics, so all of our collections are as unique as you. Individuality is everything, so we don’t mind going the extra mile (or five thousand) to find it.


The way a Merabi makes you feel is everything. We design with you in mind. Your dreams, desires and ambitions are all yours - we’re just here to give you the confidence to make them happen. If you don’t feel like you can take on the world in a Merabi, we haven’t done our job. We’re not here for fast fashion or throwaway clothes - our pieces are made to be worn over and over again. They’re here to be by your side in this world. And maybe by your friend’s sides too.



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