Accessories Every Girl needs this Spring

This year has been resilience test for the accessory obsessed. Don't let your accessories ruin your spring wardrobe, from top to bottom we have you covered.

                                                  Photo by @alexandralapp on Instagram

                                                  Photo by @jasmine_tosh on Instagram

1. Bulky Bags

Spring 2022 is finally here and we are living for all the trends we have seen so far…

Firstly, its officially time to say goodbye to micro bags and say hello to bulky bags, great news for those who have endless essentials but not only are they practical, there is a huge range available with all different colours and fabrics so you are bound to find the perfect one for you.

2. Chain Belts  

The 90s ultra- glam accessory has had an unexpected comeback, a glamorous way to modernise your look, so simple yet sophisticated. Unlike the 90s trend with low rise jeans, we have seen the chain belts styled over suits and dresses.

                      Photo by @yoshinomia on Instagram

                      Photo by @thedailyseyi on Instagram

3. Platformed Heels

Versace popular platformed heel birthed a new trend into 2022 and we are here for it! Perfect for our petite girls. They add something fun yet a modern twist to any outfit.

4. Statement Jewellery

Chunky rings and stacked jewellery is a trend being carried on into 2022, not only does it draw attention it also allows you to mix and match variable pieces to create a unique look. So go all out, mix metals, styles and sizes.

                      Photo by @sara_waiste on Instagram

                      Photo by @sara_waiste on Instagram

                                                    Photo by @lalatheislandgal on Instagram

5. Small Glasses

Move over oversized glasses, small glasses are back for 2022. Small glasses add a cool spin on a casual outfit, they are definitely a statement piece but very wearable. Many celebrities such as the Hadid sisters, the Jenner sisters and Rhianna have been seen slaying this trend.