5 Biggest Makeup Trends of 2022

You may have your wardrobe trends up to date but what about your makeup… Now damp that beauty blender and prime that face, we have you covered.

Photo by @baesharon_ on Instagram

                        Photo by @clarafajardomua on Instagram

1. Glitter & Gloss

We’re calling it now, 2022 is the year for bold beauty looks. First, we started off with the iconic glitzy looks from Euphoria to Julia Foxs ‘fox eye’ look.

What's better than a glittery eye and glossy lip? We hope you have seen the latest of Euphoria because if you have this one is especially for you. Rhinestones and eye-catching glitter implanted itself into the trend of 2022. The secret to the look is to have a flawless simple base complemented with a bold eye look, we’re talking bright blues, pinks, winged liner and of course gems but don't forget a classic nude gloss to complete the look.

2. Freckles

Showcase your natural beauty, we are over the days of people wanting to cover/ hide their freckles. Many people have been shown enhancing their freckles or even adding them to their faces. Freckles add such a gorgeous feature along with a subtle glow.

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3. Detailed Brows

Brow trends seriously have been through it these past years but brows really can make or break the look so take your time and enhance the shape that works best for you. Use a thin brow pencil to achieve a defined and fuller appearance, team MERABI is loving the Benefit brow pencil at the minute. Don't worry you can always conceal them mistakes!

4. Blush Contouring

Don't be afraid to play around with the placement of your blusher. Applying blush on the upper cheekbones has the power to create a natural lift along with flawless looking skin. We promise you this trick works wonders!

                     Photo by @sandrashehab on Instagram

      Photo by @paintedbyspencer @theacaciamcbride on Instagram

5. Below the Eye  

Leaving the best till last! We have seen celebrities switch up the focal point of their eye makeup and extending it below the eye focusing the heavier lines of the eyeliner beneath the eye creating a sleek eye-catching moment.

Be spontaneous and try something different you never know until you try…