What colours to wear on New Year’s Eve

What colours to wear on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year, so you’ve got to look the part. Finding the perfect outfit to welcome in the new year can be a difficult, and often frustrating, task. However, with NADINE MERABI, you can find that look you’re searching for. To find out what colours to wear on New Year’s Eve, continue reading our helpful guide below.

New Year’s Eve colours

Are you wondering why there has to be a certain set of colours that fit New Year’s Eve outfits? Well, the colours you choose to wear on this big night can signify your intentions for the coming year and as you say goodbye to the current year.

There are plenty of meanings behind New Year’s Eve colours. So to find out what colours to wear on New Year’s Eve, check out our list:

  • White
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Green
  • Gold


The colour of white signifies a new beginning as you welcome in the New Year. Whatever happened in the current year, your white outfit shows how keen you are to welcome in the new calendar.

If you’re looking for the perfect white dress for New Year’s Eve, consider this LULU White Dress. This beautiful beaded dress features a square neckline and feather hemline, and is the perfect party dress to welcome in the New Year.

A woman wearing a white dress with a feather hemline


If you’re on the lookout for some good luck in the New Year, consider a red outfit. Red signifies good luck, so to wish in the New Year well, consider an outfit like this HAILEY Red Jumpsuit. This figure-hugging jumpsuit is complete with a flared trouser and is crafted from shimmering velvet fabric. It’s covered in delicate, hand-embroidered sequins and metallic thread embroidery.

A woman stood on a staircase wearing a red jumpsuit


Another colour of New Year’s Eve is purple, which signifies prosperity. Purple is associated with wealth and was worn by royalty throughout Europe. If you’re hoping for a richer year ahead, consider wearing a purple outfit on New Year’s Eve.


If you’re looking for inner peace for the new year, consider a blue outfit. The colour blue is associated with peacefulness. If this sounds like the type of year you’d like to look forward to, why not party in this AMELIA Blue Jumpsuit.

With a feather trim detailing on the sleeves and an embellished beaded top, this jumpsuit has contrast lining on the top that provides coverage whilst accentuating the embellished intricate beading. The trousers are made from our crepe fabric and are fully lined for a smooth fit.

A woman stood outside wearing a blue jumpsuit


Silver is a very popular colour for nights out, especially on New Year’s Eve. If you’re hoping for plenty of new opportunities in the New Year, then wear silver as you say goodbye to one year and welcome in the new one.

To look your most glamorous this New Year’s Eve while wearing silver, choose this stunning SADIE Silver Dress.

A woman stood on the staircase wearing a silver dress


You may think that the colour green is associated with money, but it actually represents good health and happiness. Everyone wants those two aspects in their own life and the lives of loved ones. If you would too, consider wearing a green dress to welcome in the New Year.

Dazzle your friends on New Year’s Eve with this incredible GIGI Dress.

A woman stood wearing a iridescent sequin dress


And finally, the last colour to consider wearing on New Year’s Eve is gold. The colour gold signifies hope, so if you have plenty of hopes and dreams for the year ahead, enter the new calendar wearing a gold dress, like this NINA Dress

A woman stood posing wearing a gold dress

This figure-hugging dress features luxurious sequins and is made from our exclusive gold stretch sequin fabric. This classic silhouette has a fully boned and fused under corset that cinches in the torso and waist for that perfect silhouette.


Now you know what colours to wear on New Year’s Eve, and the kind fashion trends for New Year’s Eve, you can kit out your wardrobe to welcome in 2023.

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