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Nadine’s how-to: How to wear colour

Wearing colourful outfits is a great way to show off your personality and mood, but it can often be difficult trying to pick the right colour. Many women prefer to wear more modest colours like white, black nude, grey and navy, but you should embrace the colour - whatever the season! To find out how to wear colour, and which colours work best with others, carry on reading this helpful fashion guide from NADINE MERABI.

The first step

The first step in building up enough confidence to wear colours is figuring out which ones actually suit you best. You may love pink, so what type of clothes would you wear? Which social occasions would you wear pink? It’s a lovely, bright colour that’s great for bright, sunny days. But, if you love it, you can wear it whenever you want, especially if it makes you feel amazing!

To figure out which colours work for you, it helps to work out the undertone of your skin and whether you have a warm, cool or neutral hue. Using a foundation-matching service, you can find out your skin tone hue and work from there to figure out the best colours for you.

The colour wheel

Have you ever heard of the colour wheel? It’s a great way of figuring out which colours work best with others. There are many different types of colours you can wear, including analogue, complementary, neutral, monotone, triad, and accent colours.

Analogue colours

Analogue colours are the colours that sit directly next to the colour you have picked on the colour wheel. Once you have picked your main colour, look to the right and left of it and there will you have some matching colours for your next outfit.

So, for example, when looking at the colour wheel and picking yellow, the immediate colours on either side would be orange and light green.

Complementary colours

Complementary colours are worked out in a similar manner to analogue but instead of looking directly next to your main chosen colour, you look to the opposite side of the wheel. So if you were looking at yellow again, a complementary colour would be a light shade of purple.

Triad colours

When picking triad colours, it can be a little more complicated. While looking at the colour wheel, imagine the centre of the wheel is the core of a triangle. The colours where the three points of the triangle meet will provide a balanced outfit, whatever way you move around the wheel. Clever, right?!

Monotone colours

Monotone is a great way of wearing colours, especially if you favour one colour heavily over others. The key to picking a monotone outfit using the colour wheel is to choose a colour of your liking and then accessorise the outfit with other shades of that same colour.

So, if you like pink dresses, consider the EVIE hot pink dress from NADINE MERABI. You then need to pair that with other shades of pink. Adding something like our KIRA blush blazer is a smart way of achieving the chic look you’re after.

Woman wearing hot pink dress with feather trim

Neutral colours

Neutral colours are always a surefire way to succeed with your outfit. They’re especially great for the autumn and winter months. Neutral colours are black, white, grey, navy and brown so mix them together and toy with different shades of each.

Accent colours

Finally, we have accent colours. This means adding a bright accessory that stands out from the rest of your outfit, adding some colourful pop to the look. This could be a brightly-coloured scarf or a pair of shoes that stand out from your neutral-coloured trousers.

One thing to remember with picking colours, whether you’re choosing monotone, complementary, triad or neutral, it’s completely up to you. Choose the colours that you love and the ones that make you feel happy and confident! Be brave and go all out with the colours you want to wear.

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