Nadine’s how-to: How to style a red dress

Red is the colour of love so show your passion in a red outfit. Whether you’re heading to a wedding or a romantic date night with your significant other, a red dress is a perfect attire for your social plans. But, styling a red dress can be slightly difficult, especially compared to a white or black dress. Continue reading this fashion guide from NADINE MERABI to find out how to style a red dress.

Find the right style

Other than choosing the right shade of red for you, picking a style and fit is essential to working out how to style a red dress. It may depend on the circumstances and your social plans, but with red dresses, you tend to have a lot of freedom.

Typically, red dresses are short in length which can often be great. However, if you’re quite tall then you could opt for a longer dress which will be much more flattering to your figure. If you’re petite, avoid a calf-length dress as it can overpower your body type and make you look smaller.

In terms of necklines, whatever makes you comfortable and confident is fine, but a v-neck is generally flattering for most people and body types. Take the CHRISSY red dress at NADINE MERABI, for example. This beautiful dress has a fabulous v-neckline to show off, and also allows for some jewellery.


If you’re looking for a red dress that you can wear over and over again, and to many different social occasions, you should pick a more versatile style. To achieve this, go for the OLIVIA red dress from MERABI. This elegant dress is embroidered with precise flower detailing and lace trim around the top bodice and waistline. It also features MERABI’s infamous corsetry bodice boning to cinch your waist.

The OLIVIA dress is cut for a close fit to enhance your figure, including inner padded cups and an underwire that will stay in place all day. This type of dress is ideal for a wide range of social occasions and can be accessorised with a variety of items.

With your neckline nude, you can wear a large necklace to draw attention, while a pair of strappy heels - in black or silver - would be a good addition. You could also add additional pieces like a clutch bag and bracelet to complete your look.

If you’re thinking of which colours to try with your red dress, consider the colour wheel.

Party dress

So, you’ve picked up a versatile dress, what about that fancy one that makes you look and feel fabulous for parties? Whether you’re heading to a wedding or a night on the town with your friends, a dress like the EVIE red dress is ideal.

This figure-hugging beaded dress is the ultimate show-stopper party dress to dance you through the night. It features an all-over intricate beadwork with a flirty feather asymmetric hemline that will make heads turn when you make an entrance. If you’re wondering how to style a red dress then the square neck leaves plenty of room for a glamorous piece of jewellery, while the short skirt is definitely screaming out for a pair of gold heels.

How to style a red dress at NADINE MERABI

Now you know how to style a red dress, you can perfect your outfit. There’s so much to browse at NADINE MERABI, like our wide selection of shorts, tops, suits, and much more.

You can also find specific occasional clothing, such as for brides, bridesmaids, honeymoons, and more. Every NADINE MERABI piece is made by hand using the finest quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship to ensure these pieces last for a lifetime.

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