How to Style Sequin Trousers

How to Style Sequin Trousers

Sequin trousers are a definite statement piece. Even with all the glitz and glamour these trousers bring on their own, there are plenty of ways you can style them to dress your trouser-centred outfit up or down. With this NADINE MERABI guide, you can learn how to style sequin trousers in the chicest ways to have your outfit looking elegant and sophisticated. Continue reading to discover our top tips.

Styling sequin trousers

A classic pair of sequin trousers is the foundation for an iconic look. By choosing these, you have set yourself up to piece together an outfit that will easily become one of your favourite empowering party looks. 

With sequin trousers being such a spell-binding item, it can be tricky to work out how to go about pulling off a killer outfit using them. If you’re stuck on how to style sequin trousers and are raring to show them off to the world, try out some of our expert tips below to get started.

  • A co-ord combo
  • The logo t-shirt and blazer
  • An understated top

A co-ord combo

Sequin trousers are an especially dazzling item, so getting the right balance out of your outfit as a whole is essential. Too little glam and your trousers will look mismatched, whereas too much and your outfit could become a little extreme.

The perfect answer to this is a co-ord combo. This is an easy yet effective outfit option that will create cohesion from top to bottom. With no chance of clashing colours, you are free to bring the boldness of the sequin sparkle to your upper half too.

For this look, try matching the KIRA hot pink trousers with the coordinating bra top and blazer. This ensemble is just right for plenty of different occasions, from a night out to a wedding reception. Striking the perfect balance with the blazer’s formality and the flirtiness of the bra top, this outfit will easily become your next favourite look.

A woman wearing hot pink sequin trousers

The logo t-shirt and blazer

Another method of putting an interesting spin on your is to dress it down with a logo t-shirt and blazer. Just as much as complete cohesion works with sequin trousers, using the signature look of this glamorous item can work to your advantage through a good contrast.

Bold colours are particularly effective when they are allowed to shine using the understatedness of the rest of your outfit. For this approach, choose the MEGHAN black trousers and pair them with the MERABI black logo t-shirt and KARLA hot pink blazer. With the neutrals secured thansk to the MEGHAN pants and MERABI t-shirt, the vibrancy of the KARLA blazer will complement the sequins and make you the star of the show. Not only will this outfit add some flair to your wardrobe, but the high-end materials used across all these pieces will see them last for years to come.

A woman wearing a hot pink sequin blazer

An understated top

Sometimes, when thinking of how to style sequin trousers, less can be more. This is especially true when you have an item that is as bedazzling as a pair of sequin trousers that often don’t need a lot of help to make them pop. 

This look would really benefit from one of our NICOLE tops. Whether you choose pink, white or champagne, the NICOLE top range is fully lined in satin fabric and comes in colours that are a little more subdued. This way, you then have some more wiggle room to try out more audacious colour combinations. 

Select the NICOLE white top as a neutral foundation then add in some pizzazz with the KENDRA tiger trousers to serve some disco nostalgia at your next function.

A woman wearing a tiger print sequin trouser and blazer co-ord

How to style sequin trousers with NADINE MERABI

We hope you have a better idea of how to style sequin trousers thanks to this fashion guide from NADINE MERABI. There’s so much more to browse at NADINE MERABI, like our wide selection of dresses, jumpsuits, and more.

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