How to Style a Maxi Dress

How to Style a Maxi Dress

A maxi dress has become a staple of many women’s closets for a reason. This simple but effective dress is a convenient fashion choice as it’s easy to throw on and look elegant all year round. A maxi dress is a surprisingly versatile item of clothing because you can go all out with the glamour or tone it down with a more informal style: the choice is yours. If you need some inspiration, get all our best advice on how to style a maxi dress with this guide from NADINE MERABI.

Learning how to style a maxi dress

With the versatility of a maxi dress, there are countless ways to style your outfit however you choose. A maxi dress gives you the freedom to dress up as understatedly or dramatically as you’d like. We’ve compiled our top choices below for you to gather some ideas on how to style a maxi dress:

  • Add some accessories
  • Make it casual with a denim jacket
  • Smarten it up with a blazer 

Add some accessories

Adding some accessories to your maxi dress is one of the best and most convenient ways to give your maxi dress a new lease of life. A maxi dress doesn’t need a whole lot to bring out its best features. Adding some accessories as simple as a clutch bag, earrings or belt can add a lot to your outfit and complete your look. These will be made all the more effective if your accessories match in colour or design to create a unison look.

Try experimenting with your accessories with the KATE white dress. This classic dress will work with your outfit if you lean into a colourful aesthetic. For example, with some yellow feathered earrings and yellow stilettos. Alternatively, you can create some contrast with your accessories if you’re feeling a little more adventurous. Some bold colours that contrast well together are yellow, red, blue and purple. So, try experimenting with these colour combinations for a unique and eye-catching look.

A woman stood outside wearing a white dress

Make it casual with a denim jacket

If you want to add some casualness to your look, then adding a denim jacket is an easy yet effective choice. If you’re meeting up with some friends for a well-needed catch-up or you’d like to bring some flair to an evening meal, a denim jacket will nicely contrast the formal look of your maxi dress. Choose an oversized denim jacket if you want to give off an extra casual look.

The LULU white dress is an excellent choice for this style. By adding a dark blue denim jacket, you can create a gorgeous look that uses a variety of different shades to its advantage. The soft, light nude hues of this dress will contrast effectively with the darker colour and rougher aesthetic of the denim jacket. With the white feather hemline tying it all together, you can’t go wrong with this styling.

A woman wearing a white dress with a feather hemline

Smarten it up with a blazer

If you want to emphasise the glamour and sophistication of your maxi dress, then adding a blazer is our go-to style tip. This look is ideal if you want a way to show off your maxi dress into the colder seasons but want to stay warm and keep the chill off. Adding a blazer to your maxi dress will show that you mean business as an empowering addition.

Add a DAVINA black blazer to the LOUISA white dress and you’ll have a complete look already. Contrasting white and black is a simple way to make your outfits bold and defined. Though this look is minimalistic, rest assured that there’s still plenty of glamour. The diamanté trim to the shoulders on the DAVINA adds some shimmer to the look, making the whole outfit pop. This look is also comfortable to boot with all of our clothing being made from high-end materials. What’s not to love about this combination?

A woman posing wearing a black velvet blazer

Styling maxi dresses at NADINE MERABI

We hope you have found some good advice in this guide. With several styling options now at your disposal, you will always know how to style a maxi dress from now on.

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