Classy Dinner Date Outfit Ideas for Winter

Classy Dinner Date Outfit Ideas for Winter

Even when you’re indoors, it can get a little chilly during the colder months of the year. You may have all your date night outfits sorted for when the sun’s out, but a date night outfit in winter needs to be as warm as it is chic. To get the best of both worlds, we’ve put together this handy guide at NADINE MERABI to help you piece together a classy dinner date outfit in winter that will keep the chill away. Read on to learn our expert tips.

Styling a winter dinner date outfit

During winter and autumn, it can be frustrating when you have your signature summer looks that you’re yearning to show off again. As shorts, crop tops and other breathable items are a no-go when the weather begins to get frosty, you need a plan of action as to what your killer date night look is going to look like. Using our outfit ideas below, you can put together a classy dinner date outfit in winter that will easily wow your date:

  • Winter whites
  • Flirty feather jackets
  • Elegant jumpsuits

Winter whites

Dressing in our sleek range of clothing from the Winter Whites collection is just what you need to create an amazing look for the colder months. Dressing in all white is a straightforward way to look sophisticated during this time as the white hues will perfectly match the winter wonderland aesthetic. The best part about this look, however, is that you can embrace the winter vibes but leave the characteristic coldness of winter behind!

It’s hard for a blazer and trouser combination to not look sophisticated. As a result, pairing the CAMILLA white blazer with the matching white trousers makes for a classy dinner date outfit for winter that is easy to put together. The luxurious lace with sequin design provides you with a beautiful and graceful appearance, while the full lining with soft mesh means that you will remain snug throughout your big date.

Flirty feather jackets

A feather jacket is a valuable piece in your wardrobe when it comes to creating a classy dinner date outfit in winter. As fashionable as it is comfortable, a feather jacket is a showstopping piece that allows you to layer up in style.

The LEONA black jacket is the ideal choice for this outfit as it has been designed with comfort and luxury in mind. Made from our exclusive black feathers and fully lined with our exclusive satin, this jacket provides simply unbeatable comfort. Pair it with the DAVINA black corset top and KENDRA tiger trousers for a flirtatious outfit that is simply staggering.

Elegant jumpsuits

A jumpsuit is a convenient way to create an all-in-one outfit that you don’t have to worry about trying to pair with other items as most of the work has already been done for you. With full coverage from top to bottom, a jumpsuit couldn’t be a better choice for a classy dinner date outfit in winter to keep you elegant and cosy. 

For a winter jumpsuit that will match the classiness of even the most extravagant restaurants, try out the MONIQUE black jumpsuit. Equally as breathtaking, the MONIQUE collection features stretch velvet trousers for maximum comfort and warmth. The feather trim to cuff and contrast belt gives the outfit that extra flair that will effortlessly impress your date.

If you need a little extra warmth with this outfit, you can either add a denim jacket or a leather jacket, depending on how dramatic you’d like your outfit to be. The choice is yours!

Classy dinner date outfit ideas for winter at NADINE MERABI

We hope you have got some inspiration on classy dinner date outfit ideas for winter thanks to this fashion guide from NADINE MERABI. There’s so much more to browse at NADINE MERABI, like our wide selection of dresses, jumpsuits, and more.

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