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What to wear to prom

Celebrating the end of the school year at prom can be an incredibly fun occasion to enjoy a great evening with your friends. However, such a significant event requires the perfect attire, both to meet the dress code and to ensure you are looking stunning while you party. For help on what to wear to prom, we have put together this handy guide at NADINE MERABI to make you look elegant for a night to remember.

Choosing what to wear to prom

Prom is a formal event that requires that you wear formal attire to look your best. Men are typically expected to dress smartly in a suit or a tuxedo. On the other hand, women often wear a modest dress or gown that displays a level of classiness.

If you are not quite sure what to wear to prom, we have put together a guide featuring our top suggestions, so you can celebrate with your friends in style. Take a look at our top tips below:

  • Fitting the dress code
  • Bringing in the glamour
  • Chic alternatives

Fitting the dress code

If you are particularly concerned about fitting into the set dress code, we have many great recommendations that will bring the all-important formality to this event. Usually, dresses with a high hemline or that feature a thigh-high split aren’t allowed, so choosing a dress that is appropriate here is key.

Don’t know what to wear at prom to fit the dress code? The safest option is to go with an elegant midi or maxi dress to ensure your look is classy and sophisticated. 

One of our fanciest choices has to be the NINA gold dress. This piece is the perfect sophisticated midi dress. NINA is designed from our exclusive sequin and hugs your figure to contour and sculpt your silhouette.

Woman wearing gold figure hugging sequinned dress

Bringing in the glamour

Above all else, the most important things to consider when thinking about what to wear to prom is that your dress looks fabulous, suits your personal style, and complements you. In our range of dresses, you are sure to look the part with every single one of our pieces being made by hand with fine attention to detail.

In the OLIVIA blue dress, you will look fantastic in every picture, thanks to its supremely glamorous appearance. Depending on your preference, you can pick this embroidery lace dress up in red, black, blush and even more colours. So you can have your prom, your way!

Woman wearing blue dress with embroidered flower detailing

Chic alternatives

Though you will typically see people dressing in gowns and elaborate dresses for prom, this isn’t the only option you have. Wearing something that is equally as sophisticated is perfectly fine if a dress isn’t your thing. 

A glitzy jumpsuit could be a great choice, but check with your school’s dress code first to find out for definite if this is a suitable option. An excellent choice for a dress alternative that will almost certainly be accepted, however, is an impressive suit.

The DAVINA co-ord set is an excellent choice for an utterly stylish look. Wear the blazer, corset top and trousers together for an unbeatable combination that will provide just as much sophistication as a dress, but with your preferences catered for. 

Woman wearing black strapless velvet corset top

Made with our exclusively designed velvet from head to toe, a jewel embellished trim on the corset top and a diamanté trim to the shoulders on the blazer, you will be the envy of the entire school in an outfit so distinguished and graceful.

Striking prom outfits at NADINE MERABI

We hope this NADINE MERABI guide has helped you to better understand what to wear at a prom. Whether you are looking for dresses, pyjamas or co-ords, our full range of luxury clothing is sure to have exactly what you need.

If you need any other fabulous outfits, you can find a whole range of deluxe clothing for many different events in our occasionwear, birthday outfits, date night collections and more. 

If you have any questions about our range of clothing or would like to check your order, do not hesitate to contact us at 0161 850 4295 or email us at hello@nadinemerabi.com.

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