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What to wear on a cruise

Woman wearing black shorts and a blazer, with a bralette underneath

So you have booked a cruise holiday away and are eagerly awaiting all the exploration and luxury that comes with an experience such as this. The only thing left to do is to choose what clothing to take with you. With so many different contexts to dress for, organising your cruise attire can become a little chaotic if you don’t think it through. To avoid confusion, we at NADINE MERABI have put together this convenient guide on what to wear on a cruise to make it plain sailing.

Deciding what to wear on a cruise

Choosing what to wear on a cruise isn’t always a straightforward process. As a first step, make sure to check the dress code before you start your holiday as your cruise line will provide information on what to wear and not to wear while on your travels with them. 

For an all-encompassing guide, we have put together our top tips for what to wear on a cruise for all scenarios. Take a look at our tips below to get completely cruise-ready:

  • In the day
  • Outfits for city exploring 
  • Formal evening attire

In the day

While taking in the ocean breeze and seeing all the picturesque sights your journey has to offer, most cruises have a casual dress code so that you can relax and feel comfortable. This means that simple tops, shorts and skirts are the ideal choices here.

When taking a more easy-going approach to your dress sense during the day, add some flair to your casual look with the MERABI white logo t-shirt and KIRA black shorts

Woman wearing white crew neck t-shirt with Merabi print across the front

Perfect if your cruise itinerary is whisking you away to more tropical locations, this pairing combines the best of both worlds, with the casual and formal complementing each other. The versatile and comfortable MERABI t-shirt will match seamlessly with the glitzy and captivating KIRA shorts.

Outfits for city exploring

When deciding what to wear on a cruise, it is essential to be prepared with a range of outfits for the variety of scenarios that come with a cruise holiday. When you finally step onto dry land and are eager to explore an exciting new city, you need to have an outfit in mind for such an occasion. 

A jumpsuit is an ideal all-in-one choice that is comfortable for walking in, but also looks elegant while stopping off for a break at a restaurant or cafe.

For this reason, we suggest wearing the LUCINDA white jumpsuit for your city sightseeing. This figure-hugging jumpsuit complements your body with internal boning and creates a mesmerising effect with its exclusive pearl white shimmer sequin. 

Woman wearing figure hugging white jumpsuit with flared trouser

Formal evening attire

Cruises often have formal evenings where you are expected to dress to impress. For men, this typically means donning a smart suit or tuxedo, whereas women can be seen in cocktail dresses and evening gowns. If you aren’t the sort of person who enjoys wearing a dress, a chic black blazer will fit the dress code perfectly.

If you would like to know how to wear a black sequin blazer, a cruise is an excellent opportunity to try this outfit idea out. A black blazer always looks smart, and the MEGHAN black blazer is no exception. Fully lined in our beautiful satin for a comfortable fit, MEGHAN’s figure-skimming cut means that you will look exceptionally sophisticated, no matter how fancy your cruise is!

Woman wearing black velvet blazer and trousers with silver embroidered detail

Our advice on how to wear a black blazer as a women’s fashion staple is to coordinate your look with an all-black outfit for maximum sophistication. With the matching MEGHAN black trousers, this couldn’t be easier as you have a completely unified and staggering look with the hard work of putting together a cohesive outfit done for you! You will be the best dressed at sea with the wet look sequin’s unique and eye-catching appearance.

Cruise-ready outfits at NADINE MERABI

We hope you now fully understand what to wear on a cruise with this NADINE MERABI fashion guide. Whether you are looking for dresses, pyjamas or co-ords, our vast collection of luxury clothing is sure to have exactly what you need.

As well as season-specific wear, you can find a whole range of deluxe clothing for year-round events in our occasionwear, birthday outfits, date night collections and more. 

If you have any questions about our range of clothing or would like to check your order, do not hesitate to contact us at 0161 850 4295 or email us at