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What not to wear on a cruise

POV: you're aboard a luxurious cruise ship, sailing through the sparkling waves, with an Aperol Spritz in hand and the wind blowing through your hair. Ah, the joys of a cruise! But hold on, before you embark on your stylish adventure, let's talk about what NOT to wear on the high seas. Prepare yourself for some fun, laughs, and a splash of fashion advice to ensure you don't end up sailing the fashion disaster seas. Read our latest blog for our top tips on what not to wear on a cruise.

What not to wear on a cruise

You always see so many guides and articles on what to wear for specific occasions but how about what NOT to wear? It’s easy to know what kind of clothing you should take with you but knowing what not to take is a whole other ballgame. Let us help you out a bit!

Speedos & inappropriate swimwear

As tempting as it can be to show off your body (and let’s be honest, who can blame you!), you need to remember that a cruise ship isn’t quite the same as a secluded beach or balcony.  Spare your fellow passengers from the shock of your barely-there swimwear. Instead, opt for classy swim shorts and a chic one-piece swimsuit. 


We all love the comfort of our pyjamas and loungewear, but wearing them outside your cabin might not be the best idea when you’re on a cruise. 

Cruises have plenty of onboard activities, from exciting excursions to elegant dinners. So, leave your bedtime attire behind and show off your style during waking hours. Trust us, you'll feel more awake and confident while exploring the ship.

However, if you’re wanting to treat yourself to some stylish new pyjamas for inside your cabin when you’re on holiday, we’ve got the perfect range of pyjamas for you. Our Darcie Hot Pink Pyjamas are made from beautifully designed silk touch fabric, making them the perfect addition to your suitcase. After all, who says you can’t look and feel good when you’re tucked up in your cabin?

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Offensive clothing

Nothing ruins the holiday vibe faster than offensive slogans or inappropriate images plastered on t-shirts. Remember, a cruise is a place for enjoyment and relaxation, not for causing offence. Choose clothing that promotes positivity and leaves smiles on faces rather than raising eyebrows.

If you are wanting to take a simple T-shirt away with you, one like our MERABI White Logo T-shirt would be ideal. This t-shirt will slot seamlessly into your trip, making for the perfect effortless look when paired with a simple skirt or pair of jeans.

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Fancy dress is a no-no

We all love a bit of fancy dress but it is important to remember that a cruise isn't the same as a stag or hen night in Blackpool. Tread carefully when choosing your costume if you’ve got some fancy dress planned. 

You don't want to be the person who thought a Borat-style mankini or a Tinker Bell outfit was a good idea. Instead, go for something fun yet tasteful that won't make you the star of the ship's blooper reel.

Think about your shoes carefully

Now, we're all for feeling fabulous in heels but on a cruise ship, practicality is key. 

Picture this: you're walking on the open deck, you can hear the waves splashing, and your heels are sinking into the floor. That’s not a good look! 

Leave the towering stilettos at home and opt for stylish yet comfortable shoes - perhaps some comfy block heels. You'll thank us when you're dancing the night away without worrying about a twisted ankle or a sloppy tumble on the deck.

What to wear on a cruise

One of the biggest appeals of cruises is the delightful blend of casual relaxation and glamorous events. So, it's crucial to ensure you have enough clothing to match all occasions. Often cruises have many formal dinners, like a captain’s formal dinner. 

In this case, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a good selection of dresses & outfits to hand. Our Louisa White Dress is the perfect dress for a formal cruise dinner. This beautiful beaded dress with a square neckline and high thigh split is the epitome of sophistication and is sure to have all eyes on you during your big night. 

woman stood wearing Louisa white dress with side slit and silver sparkly heeled sandals

Cruise clothing from NADINE MERABI

As you prepare to set sail on your UK cruise adventure, it's important to keep your fashion choices in check. Avoid causing offence with certain clothing and wearing anything too skimpy. While it’s good to ensure you’re relaxed and comfortable, you’ll want to make sure you’ve packed enough appropriate clothing. 

Here at NADINE MERABI, we have a full range of clothing that is fitting for a cruise, from occasionwear & jumpsuits to skirts. Shop now and find the perfect cruise-appropriate outfits for you.
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