What is a cocktail dress?

What is a cocktail dress?

If you ever need to dress up in a cocktail dress, it must be for a special occasion. A party that requires a cocktail dress is definitely going to be good fun so make sure you pick the right one for you! However, do you know what a cocktail dress is? What about cocktail dress length? To find out all there is to know about cocktail dresses, read this handy guide from NADINE MERABI.

Cocktail dress explained

So, what is a cocktail dress? Simply put, a cocktail dress is a semi-formal dress that’s intended to be worn at early-evening social events or gatherings. The idea of a cocktail dress was born from the need for an outfit to fit between casual daytime wear and fancy evening dresses.

In the early 20th century, the wealthy population began gathering for cocktail hour. This resulted in the need for a cocktail dress, which was the perfect way for women to wear something fancier than their daytime attire, but still look more casual than a formal dinner dress.

While the modern-day dress has changed in look, fit and style over the years, the same has happened to cocktail dresses. A cocktail dress in the 21st century is often made from luxurious fabrics, such as silk and satin and can be detailed with sequins, embroidery and prints. Hemlines should be more generous with a modest neckline, such as our MAYA Galaxy Dress.

The MAYA dress is a stunning velvet sequin and embellished dress that’s perfect for your next social gathering. This must-have piece for your wardrobe is made from exclusive sequin and stretch velvet, and will flatter your body. The sleeves are exaggerated for extreme volume, while the skirted figure hugs your curves.

A lady wearing a black v neck, long sleeve sequin mini dress

What is a cocktail dress length?

When considering the length of a cocktail dress, the best practice is to ensure that it’s not too short and not too long. You don’t want something riding high up the thigh and, in equal measure, don’t want the dress dragging along the floor.

Typically, a cocktail dress hemline should fall just above the knees, but you can have one that drops lower if you’re more comfortable. Just remember not to let it reach the floor or your feet, though.

What is cocktail chic dress code?

When you’ve spotted a ‘cocktail chic dress code’ on an invitation to a party, this can be just as confusing as the standard cocktail dress code if you’re unaware of the style. Lucky for you then that we understand what it means at NADINE MERABI!

For an event that features a cocktail chic dress code on their invitations, it’s important to gather information on the type of venue that the event is being held in. If it’s a professional venue or a party for a business, like a work Christmas party, you should avoid wearing anything too revealing, like a plunged neckline.

On the other hand, if the party is more social and informal, you’re able to be a tad more relaxed with your appearance, so a shorter dress could be appropriate.

Despite your need for a dress, cocktail chic can even include jumpsuits if that’s something you’d prefer. If so, we’re sure our MONIQUE jumpsuit would be the perfect option for your next cocktail party attire.

If you’d prefer a dress and the invitation states ‘cocktail chic’, then you can never go wrong with a little black dress. It’s understated, elegant and sophisticated. A black dress is simple to accessorise too, helping you fit into any social gathering.

Close up of a lady wearing a long sleeve black bodycon jumpsuit with feather trim cuff sleeves

Cocktail dresses at NADINE MERABI

Now you know what a cocktail dress is and what’s available at MERABI, you can pick the perfect one today. There’s so much to browse at NADINE MERABI, like our wide selection of shorts, tops, suits, and much more.

You can also find specific occasional clothing, such as for brides, bridesmaids, honeymoons, and more. Every NADINE MERABI piece is made by hand using the finest quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship to ensure these pieces last for a lifetime.

If you have any questions about our range of clothing or would like to check your order, do not hesitate to contact us at 0161 850 4295, or email us at hello@nadinemerabi.com.

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