Nadine’s how-to: How to style a slip dress

Nadine’s how-to: How to style a slip dress

A slip dress is a minimalist and flirty item of clothing that screams elegance and beauty. Whether you have one in your wardrobe or considering adding one, you’ll want to know how to style a slip dress. Lucky for you then that NADINE MERABI has come up with a useful guide to assist you. Continue reading to find out how to style and how to wear a slip dress.

What is a slip dress?

A slip dress is a lightweight dress with spaghetti straps that resembles a slip, which is an undergarment worn under dresses as an extra layer. It is sewn into luxurious fabrics like silk, satin and linen.

Slip dresses feature a low-cut neckline and vary in length. They can be short mini dresses or longer styles that reach the ankles.

At NADINE MERABI, we have some dresses that match this style, like our LOTTIE collection, so if you’re looking for a slip dress to add to your wardrobe, you’re in the right place. The LOTTIE dress is a real show-stopper with individually hand-embellished white crystal waterfall beading, creating a mesmerising illusion when worn.

How to style a slip dress

Now that you’ve added a slip dress to your collection of fabulous garments, you’ll want to know how to wear a slip dress. Don’t worry, as we at NADINE MERABI have some super stylish tips to help you perfect your look!

  • Wear with a jumper
  • Wear with a t-shirt
  • Pair with heels
  • Wear with a jacket or blazer

Wear with a jumper

Because slip dresses are thin, if you’re thinking of wearing them in the colder months of the year your best bet is to layer up. Wear a jumper with some tights that help to accentuate your slip dress. You could wear the dress over a long-sleeved shirt or layer a jumper over the dress to make it look like a skirt.

Wear with a t-shirt

In spring, while the weather is warmer than in winter it’s still  not quite as comfortable as in summer. Therefore, we would suggest that it could be a good idea to pair your slip dress with a plain white t-shirt and then finish the look with some trainers or even a pair of strappy sandals. This super casual look is comfortable and stylish - the perfect combo.

Pair with heels

Are you heading out on the town with your friends or out for a romantic meal with your partner? Whatever social plans you have, pairing your slip dress with a pair of gorgeous heels is a great idea.

Wear with a jacket or blazer

Our final tip for how to style a slip dress is to pair it with a jacket or blazer. If you’ve picked up a dress in the style of our SADIE dress then wearing a matching jacket is perfect for a wide range of social occasions.




Cover up with something like this LEONA black jacket. Matching perfectly with a gold dress, this fully-feather cropped jacket is ideal for many events and seasons. As an added bonus, the LEONA jacket is fully lined with NADINE MERABI’s exclusive satin fabric, creating a smooth and comfortable fit.




Other than a jacket, you could style your slip dress with a sophisticated blazer. If that’s something you’re interested in, check out MERABI’s KIRA black blazer. With crystal embellishment and full-length sleeves, this blazer is fully lined in our beautiful satin for a luxurious fit.



Slip dresses at NADINE MERABI

Now you know how to style a slip dress, you can browse NADINE MERABI’s wide range of stunning outfits. There’s so much to browse at NADINE MERABI, like our wide selection of shortstopssuits, and much more.

You can also find specific occasional clothing, such as for bridesbridesmaidshoneymoons, and more. Every NADINE MERABI piece is made by hand using the finest quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship to ensure these pieces last for a lifetime.

If you have any questions about our range of clothing or would like to check your order, do not hesitate to contact us at 0161 850 4295, or email us at
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