Meet Nadine Merabi: How to be a fashion designer

Meet Nadine Merabi: How to be a fashion designer

Who is Nadine Merabi? From the initial spark of inspiration to sewing the final stitch, Nadine Merabi is passionate about fashion and making every woman wearing her collection feel her finest and most fabulous. The woman behind MERABI designs, celebrates women and understands women. Finding empowerment in her day to day life, Nadine translates this into her designs allowing every woman to feel confident and empowered, live life with lasting moments, and run head first towards the next adventure.   Continue reading to find out more about Nadine Merabi and how to be a fashion designer.

Who is Nadine Merabi?

Nadine’s career is out of the ordinary. She started out as a field hockey player for England and pursued this for 10 years. Alongside that, Nadine became an event planner in Manchester. As she got more on the scene, she found herself needing new clothes to wear to the events she was organising and attending. Wanting to look different to everyone else but being faced with a market saturated with a lack of excitement in designs that were either overpriced or didn't fit right, Nadine figured it couldn’t be that hard to design her own clothes. So that’s how it began. 

Nadine was 29 at the time and didn’t know what she wanted to do in life. Having a burning desire to change her career path and try something new, she went from studying Sports Science at university to buying a sewing machine and experimenting, making her own dresses and unique designs. Nadine watched videos on YouTube and taught herself how to sew. 

Becoming more confident with using a sewing machine, Nadine got her hands on new materials, conceptualising different designs and working tirelessly to create pieces she could wear to her events. Soon enough, people started asking her where she got her clothes from. Noticing more and more compliments flying her way, Nadine knew she could take her creative process much further. 

As Nadine’s passion in design grew, she began to see the necessity for high-quality pieces that would allow women the opportunity to stand out, whilst making people feel confident and empowered. This is when she started to design more pieces, making bolder choices with her fabrics, and colour palettes. 

Nadine Merabi - in her own words

In an interview with Nadine, she shares that “the greatest joy is seeing women from all cultures, ages, shapes, and sizes, wearing my designs and making them look their very best.”

“As a brand we aim to inspire, empower and allow every woman to shine in self confidence, embracing all of life's lasting moments. We design for women who feel empowered, who love to dress up and feel glamorous, but ultimately, we know that not every woman lives each day believing in her own self worth and self belief, and we aim to change this. When you step into one of our unique designs we encourage a newfound confidence where your true power and best traits shine through.” 

Continuing this conversation, Nadine shares how she wants “every woman wearing MERABI to feel their most confident. We want to create a world where every woman feels strong, secure and sensual in their skin. Our designs are inspired by the parts of life worth celebrating; think endless parties, clinking glasses, sweet summer nights and beach side bathing.”

Learning how to be a fashion designer? Take tips from Nadine: 

"I started sewing one night and didn’t finish until 3am,” she said. “I was just so determined to complete a dress and so excited to wear my own design for the first time. After that, I started learning at home using online tutorials to hone my skills.”

“I love the satisfaction of working with my hands, feeling the fabric and seeing the designs come to life. Because I started by making every single dress myself, I know how to ensure my designs are delivered exactly the way I designed them."

The brand has grown rapidly and has gained a very loyal following and a huge global reach. From dressing clients to celebrities and influencers, Nadine still designs every single item in the range.

“I pride my gowns as staple, elegant, timeless pieces that can be worn all year round. A strong emphasis on quality and value leads my designs to be glamorous yet affordable.”

nadine merabi looking closely at dress on a mannequin

Care and passion

Nadine believes that slow is not only chic, but essential.

Nadine shares how “each collection is created with a circular vision in mind. Each piece from every collection is timeless, an investment that is meant to be treasured whilst still remaining modern. Our designs are current and to be honest, I don’t look at trends. I design what I’m feeling and how I want to empower and give confidence to those wearing MERABI. I ask myself: “what will make someone feel really good, happy, and confident within themselves.” 

Nadine continues: “Because of this, each collection remains true to our vision, always evolving our signature silhouette but incorporating how empowerment looks and feels at that time.” 

Nadine holds emphasis in the fact that “each piece is designed to empower those who wear us. We want every woman wearing MERABI to feel her finest and of course, her most fabulous! The first step after envisioning the collection is to turn our focus onto quality tailoring which forms the signature MERABI silhouette. My passion and inspiration comes from explosive palettes and the celebration of timeless glamour which stems from my Middle Eastern heritage.”

As Nadine explains, each piece of clothing at NADINE MERABI is timeless and built from forward-thinking, conscious designs that are intended to be loved forever.

Every item from the NADINE MERABI collection, from jumpsuits and jackets to pyjamas and skirts, is made from the heart, and by hand.

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