How to wear a summer dress in winter

How to wear a summer dress in winter

As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, it's tempting to put your summer clothes into storage until spring. Before you say goodbye to your summer dresses, we think you should consider giving them a chance throughout winter. With a few tips, you’ll be able to style your summer dress in the winter months. To find out how to wear a summer dress in winter, continue reading this blog from NADINE MERABI. We’ll show you how to wear a summer dress in winter without sacrificing style or warmth!

Summer dresses

Everyone loves summer! The weather is fantastic, the sun is shining, cold drinks are more refreshing and flowers are blooming. There are also more social events, like weddings and outdoor birthday parties, that give you plenty of opportunities to wear your favourite outfits. At NADINE MERABI, we have a stunning range of summer dresses that would be perfect for any occasion.

When we think about beautiful dresses for the summer, a few come to mind, like the NYLA white dress. This fabulous dress exemplifies glamour and sophistication and is tailored for a slim fit - perfect for the warmer months of the year. NYLA features an all-over floral embellished motif and coverage from its beige underslip.

A woman wearing a white lace dress

Another beauty of a summer dress is the OLIVIA mint green dress. This stunner is made from our embroidered fabric and is lined with our exclusive satin. The corset bodice cinches in the waist for a close fit to enhance your figure, and is ideal for summer weddings and garden parties.

You shouldn’t restrict these dresses to the summer months, though. They’re just too fabulous!

A woman stood outside wearing a mint green dress

Wearing summer dresses in winter

So, we bet you’re wondering how to wear a summer dress in winter. It’s actually quite simple! With a mixture of different styles, clothing additions and accessories, you can easily style a summer dress in the winter months, while still remaining warm, comfortable and fashionable.

Here are some tips to help you comfortably wear summer dresses in the winter:

  • Add a slimline knit
  • Choose a length that works well with boots
  • Mix and match colours
  • Layer with a jacket

Add a slimline knit

Dressing in the winter months is all about warmth and comfort. Of course, style is important but layering your summer dress with a light knit jumper can tick all three boxes at once. A knitted cardigan is an ideal piece of clothing for showing off your beautiful summer dress, while also remaining warm and stylish.

Choose a length that works well with boots

In winter, your knee-high boots will make an appearance a lot more often than in summer, so try to wear a dress length that works well with boots. A midi dress is an ideal length for wearing with boots in the winter, so stock up on them.

Mix and match colours

It’s important to bring colour into your outfit. Throughout summer, all outfits are bursting with bright colours because they match the scenery and weather. In winter, darker colours are favoured but you should still try to wear plenty of colours. Why can’t you wear a pink jacket or boots in the winter? Show off your style!

Layer with a jacket

Our final tip for how to wear a summer dress in the winter is to layer it with a beautiful jacket or blazer. Going anywhere in winter will require layers in order to stay warm and comfortable, so consider wearing a jacket like the LEONA white jacket.

A woman posing outside wearing a white feather jacket

This statement jacket is designed to turn heads thanks to the luxurious delicate feather detailing and  full satin lining for a smooth fit. This style is the must-have layering piece to enhance your outfit effortlessly in the winter.

Summer dresses at NADINE MERABI

We hope you have a better idea of how to wear a summer dress in winter thanks to this fashion guide from NADINE MERABI. As well as beautiful dresses, you can also find other occasionwear, such as birthday outfits and bridesmaid dresses. You can also find stunning co-ords and pyjamas for comfortable and luxurious outfit choices.

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