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How to style a jumpsuit

How to style a jumpsuit

The jumpsuit has become an increasingly popular choice for people over the years and it’s easy to see why. A jumpsuit is an all-in-one solution that leaves trying to coordinate the top and bottom half of your outfit a problem that you can skip. The versatility of a jumpsuit allows you to take your outfit in a variety of different styles, so you can always keep your jumpsuit looking fresh with just a few accessory changes here and there. Find all about how to style a jumpsuit right here at NADINE MERABI for all the fashion tips you need to know.

How to begin styling a jumpsuit

At NADINE MERABI, we know how good a jumpsuit-centred outfit can be when you pull off a killer look in just the right way. No matter what sort of event you’re putting together an outfit for, a jumpsuit always fits right in. Whether you’re piecing together a casual outfit for your next social gathering or want to dress up your jumpsuit for a formal look, a jumpsuit’s versatility gives you the freedom to do both.

If you’d like some inspiration on what sort of route you can go down with your jumpsuit outfits, take a look at our tips below to give you some guidance with your styling:

  • Pairing with a blazer
  • Cinch your waist
  • Accessorising with jewellery

Pairing with a blazer

For an effortless yet prominent look, try pairing your jumpsuit with a blazer to add an extra dimension to your outfit. Depending on what sort of blazer you choose, you can make this look informal or formal to dress appropriately to whatever level of dressiness your next gathering demands. Select a more vibrant and colourful blazer if you want to make an impression at a friend’s party, or choose a toned-down yet sophisticated blazer to give that extra flair to your next smart-casual outfit.

If you would like to try out a casual style, pair the AMELIA pink jumpsuit with the KARLA hot pink blazer for a striking outfit perfect for dancing the night away in. On the other hand, pick the BELLA black dark nude jumpsuit and DAVINA black blazer for a smart look that adds a little fun with its statement diamanté trim.

A woman wearing a hot pink blazer

Cinch your waist

A jumpsuit is hard not to be an impressive outfit centrepiece, though its length can sometimes leave it looking a little monotonous on a bad day if it is in a solid colour. To break the appearance of your jumpsuit up, we recommend adding a belt to your jumpsuit. Not only will this give some flavour to your colour scheme, but the cinch around your waist will help to define your figure, make you look slimmer and add some femininity to your outfit too.

You can take the stress out of life by choosing one of our jumpsuits that already come with a feature belt to save you from indecision about what sort of colour to match your jumpsuit with. The dazzling ELIZA white jumpsuit comes with a slim white belt to add some contrast to your outfit. Alternatively, the NATALIA black jumpsuit has a glamorous diamond embellished belt for those seeking an outfit to astonish.

A woman stood outside wearing a white jumpsuit

Accessorising with jewellery

If in doubt, adding some ornate jewellery to your jumpsuit is an easy way to make your look all the more chic. The more fancy the better here as elaborate jewellery will work wonders to give your jumpsuit a boost. Jewellery will create a secondary focal point for your outfit beyond your jumpsuit as a stand-alone piece that really ties your outfit together.

To make the most of this particular style, we suggest choosing the MARISSA rose gold jumpsuit as a foundation to begin styling. The rose golc sequin embellishment across the jumpsuit will add fabulousness to your outfit while your impressive jewellery brings in elegance. This method of styling your jumpsuit works best when you use statement jewellery, so a chunky necklace or impressive earrings are ideal to make your look really pop.

A woman stood outside wearing a rose gold jumpsuit

Styling jumpsuits with NADINE MERABI

Now you know how to style a jumpsuit, take a look at NADINE MERABI’s range of stunning outfits in a range of colours and styles for some additional splendid clothing for your collection. There’s so much to choose from at NADINE MERABI, like our wide selection of shorts, tops, suits, and much more.

You can also find specific occasional clothing, such as for brides, bridesmaids, honeymoons, and more. Every NADINE MERABI piece is made by hand using the finest quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship to ensure these pieces last for a lifetime.

If you have any questions about our range of clothing or would like to check your order, do not hesitate to contact us at 0161 850 4295, or email us at