How to Store a NADINE MERABI Wedding Dress

How to Store a NADINE MERABI Wedding Dress

Whether you’ve finally chosen your fabulous wedding dress for the big day or you want to keep your dress in perfect condition to make the memories last a lifetime, storing a wedding dress correctly is key to keeping it looking as gorgeous as the day you bought it. There are a few things you need to be aware of before you put it away, however, especially if you want to keep something as fine as a NADINE MERABI wedding dress looking immaculate. If you want to know more, continue reading to learn how to store a wedding dress in the best way.

Our advice for storing a wedding dress

A wedding dress is just delicate as it is important, so particular care must be taken when storing a wedding dress. There are similar steps to be taken in the way you would look after your most valuable dresses, but it is worth taking the extra measures a wedding dress demands.

If you have a NADINE MERABI wedding dress, our dresses are made with extremely fine detail by hand using expert craftsmanship. If you want to preserve its intricate look, follow our tips on how to store a wedding dress below: 

  • Take note of instructions
  • Cleaning
  • Storing your dress correctly

Take note of instructions

As a first measure, make sure you have read the label included with a wedding dress as it will give you advice on how to wash and store it correctly. Additionally, the manufacturer of a dress will know how best to store the dress in the correct manner. If you have a NADINE MERABI wedding dress, get in touch with us if you have any questions about how to store a wedding dress from us correctly. We will be more than happy to help you.


Before you store your wedding dress, you must make sure it is properly cleaned before being put away. If there is a stain still on your dress from when you said ‘I do’, this will become harder to remove over time. So, stains must be removed as soon as possible to keep your dress in perfect condition.

With an item as delicate as a wedding dress, your typical clothes-washing routine won’t be of much use here if you want to keep it looking fine. A wedding dress needs to be dry cleaned in order to keep any detailing, such as sequins or embroidery, intact.

Due to the level of care and precision required when cleaning your wedding dress, specialist wedding dress dry cleaning services exist to give the level of service required for maintaining a garment with such elaborateness. Using one of these may be a little more costly than your usual dry cleaning service, but goes a long way towards keeping your wedding dress just like new.

Storing your dress correctly

There are several aspects to consider when it comes to putting your dress away. Firstly, the conditions it is stored in must be cool, dry and dark. If not, your dress could be affected by several problems while it is in storage, such as losing colour from sunlight or developing mildew.

When you are given a wedding dress, it is usually included in a plastic bag. However, this is not ideal for long-term storage as this doesn’t allow your dress to breathe and can let in light that causes your dress to fade. Instead, there are two main ways of storing your wedding dress that will keep it intact.

The first is using a garment bag. This protects it from dust, smells or dirt that could affect it if left exposed. Using this method, however, means you must take extra care to maintain its condition. If your dress is particularly heavy, then hanging it could warp it over time. So, be sure to use hanging straps to avert this problem.

Another method when thinking of how to store a wedding dress is to store it in a box. Like the garment bag, you must ensure you go about this in the right way to avoid any damage while it is in storage. Use both an acid-free box and tissue paper to avert any reaction with the dress that could ruin it. If your box is sturdy, pH neutral and breathable, then your dress will be good to go for either short or long-term storage.

Once your dress is stored, check on it every six months to see if it needs any maintenance. Unpacking and repacking your dress this often can also help to prevent creases from becoming permanent. You’re now an expert on how to store a wedding dress, lucky you!

NADINE MERABI wedding dresses

Now that you know how to store a NADINE MERABI wedding dress, if you haven’t already, you can now choose your favourite to make your big day extra special.

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How to store a wedding dress with NADINE MERABI

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