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How to stop fake tan transferring onto a wedding dress

How to stop fake tan transferring onto a wedding dress

With so many things to think about on your big day, the last thing you want is any fashion mishaps coming your way. As useful as fake tan is, it can prove to be quite troublesome sometimes. To avoid the nightmare scenario of ruining your dress with a fake tan stain, you can take some preventative measures to put your mind at ease and avoid this problem from ever occurring. Learn how to stop fake tan from transferring onto a wedding dress with this handy NADINE MERABI guide.

Stopping fake tan transferring onto a wedding dress - our best tips

Fake tan is extremely useful for getting the exact skin tone you’d like, and this is no more important than on your wedding day. However, fake tan could cause you some problems if you don’t go about wearing it in the right way. A stain would not only take away from the beautiful look of your wedding dress, but can be tricky to get out (especially with a completely white dress). To prevent this from happening in the first place, use our tips below to find out how to stop fake tan transferring onto a wedding dress:

  • Get tanned in advance
  • Showering
  • Apply baby powder

Get tanned in advance

Quickly squeezing in a tan session the day before won’t do you any favours for keeping fake tan off your dress, so make sure you plan to get your tanning in well in advance. Make sure that you get spray tanned at least two days before your wedding to be extra safe in preventing any tan from transferring.

By getting your tan done a few days beforehand, the tan will have time to develop and settle and will be less prone to rubbing off. As an additional perk, fake tan tends to look best when it’s had the time to calm so it pays off to be pro-active.


When showering after your fake tan has been applied, it’s important to make sure that you are showering correctly to avoid any tan rubbing off onto your wedding dress. This is an essential step to make sure that the tan is completely dry when your big day arrives and that there isn’t any excess on your body.

Between the time your spray tan is applied and your wedding day, make sure that you have at least 2 showers in this period to avoid any problems. Be sure to follow any advice given to you about how long to leave the tan to settle in after your session before showering, this should be around four to five hours afterwards. Underneath your arms is where excess bronzer typically tends to hide, so make sure to wash around this area to be safe.

Apply baby powder

This unusual trick may have you raising your eyebrows, but it has been known that baby powder can actually help to prevent fake tan from rubbing off onto clothing. Once your fake tan is applied, brush a little amount of baby powder onto your tan. Do this at least 10 minutes after the tan is settled onto your skin and you’re good to go!

But how does this weird trick actually work? The answer behind it is that the baby powder works to absorb any excess moisture and oil within the fake tan so that it is less likely to run onto your wedding dress. Additionally, this technique also helps to reduce the unpleasant odour fake tan can sometimes have so your big day will be both stain and smell-free!

Choosing your type of dress

Now that you know all about how to stop fake tan from transferring onto your wedding dress in advance, you can spend more time choosing what sort of wedding dress you’ll go for with all your fake tan worries put behind you.

For the traditional look, the KATIE white dress is the perfect choice if you really want to achieve the look of a graceful bride with white sequin embellished lace in an intricate pattern. The STELLA white dress is another great selection in the style of a floor-length gown made using sheer mesh. If you’ve never been a fan of the conventional bridal style, go for the CAMILLA white blazer and trousers for an alternative look that is just as elegant.

A woman wearing a white dress

Top fashion tips at NADINE MERABI

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