How to accessorise a navy blue dress for a wedding

How to accessorise a navy blue dress for a wedding

So, you’ve finally chosen what dress you’re attending the wedding in. But, you’ve hit another hurdle, what exactly are you going to wear with it? If you’re struggling with how to accessorise a navy blue dress for a wedding, we’re here to give you some pointers at NADINE MERABI. Continue reading this guide to pick up some handy tips and discover some of our stunning navy blue dresses ideal for accessorising with too.

Selecting your style

A navy blue dress is a great selection for a wedding guest dress, you’ve made a great choice. The darker hues will aesthetically meet the formal, classiness of the wedding. If your dress is particularly fancy, it may be enough of a feature piece alone. However, a dress usually benefits from that extra bit of pizazz, so continue reading to find out what will work best with your dress.

Navy blue dresses are particularly versatile. The colour is enough of a statement aesthetically to benefit from a minimal boost, but is enough of a neutral tone to be boosted by some bolder colours. The decision lies with you on how you want to accessorise a navy blue dress for a wedding.

Going bold

As navy isn’t a particularly bold colour, you have some freedom to style your dress in a bold colourful manner without creating an overwhelming look. For example, bright and warm colours such as yellow and red can have their vibrancy brought out by the darkness of your navy dress. With a wedding being such a joyful event for everyone involved, your lively colours will fit right into the wedding scene.

For example, you could contrast the DAISY navy dress with dark red painted nails and bold ruby earrings. The toned-down hues of this dress will work great with these accessories as they will not create any overwhelming colour clashes. The DAISY’s full skirt and plunging neckline will create a look that is ideal for a wedding and will have you feeling almost as fabulous as the bride herself.

A lady wearing a navy applique v neck dress with tiered waistband

Choosing minimalism

Alternatively, the versatility of a navy blue dress ensures that you can choose to take your outfit’s aesthetic more subtly if you prefer your style to be a little less audacious. Your dress will work just as well with lighter, neutral accessories as it will with more daring ones. White and off-white accessories are your best friend with any bold colour. These will give your dress traditional, classic wedding accents that will fit right into the wedding scene.

It's not just the colour of your outfit that you can experiment with, but also the patterns too. If your dress is a solid colour and has no particular pattern, you can complement your dress with patterned accessories for a subtle but effective contrast.

Using these two ideas, try pairing the VICTORIA hot pink dress with a white, floral patterned clutch bag and white flats. The solid colour of this dress is a strong, hot pink that will be excellently complemented by some lighter colours.

The VICTORIA features an exclusive pink crepe fabric and a boned bodice for shape and support, helping to create a figure hugging look that is sure to turn heads and wow the crowd. Featuring beautifully designed bow detailing to the shoulders, and completed with an invisible zipper to provide a sleek look.

Feel free to experiment with your accessorising, but just make sure you don’t accidentally outshine the bride with your lighter accessories. By choosing white hues, you can risk going overboard with the white aesthetic and draw focus to you away from the bride. Ensure your accessories are complementing the dress and aren’t dominating it.

A lady wearing a hot pink bodycon dress with elasticated bow detail shoulders

Navy dresses at NADINE MERABI

We hope that you have found some useful tips to help you find out how to accessorise a navy blue dress for a wedding.

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