How to accessorise a green dress for a wedding

How to accessorise a green dress for a wedding

So, you’ve finally chosen the dress you’re going to wear to attend the wedding in. But, now you’ve hit another hurdle, what exactly are you going to wear with it? With so many accessory options available, trying to come to a decision can sometimes become tough. If you’re struggling with how to accessorise a green dress for a wedding, we’re here to give you some pointers at NADINE MERABI. Continue reading this guide to pick up some handy tips and discover some of our stunning green dresses ideal for accessorising with too.

Selecting your style

A green dress is a great selection for a wedding guest dress, so you’ve already got off to a good start. You can go bold with a lighter, more vibrant shade of green or can keep it classy with a darker shade. If your dress is particularly fancy, it may be enough of a feature piece alone. However, a dress always benefits from that extra flair, so continue reading to find out what accessories will work best with your dress.

Green dresses are particularly versatile. Depending on the shade of your dress, you can let the dress be the centrepiece and use some minimal accessorising, or can go all out with a bold and vibrant look. The decision lies with you on how you want to accessorise a green dress for a wedding.

Going bold

If your dress is a more toned-down shade of green, you can style your dress in a bolder, more colourful manner without creating an overwhelming look. Green is accented particularly well with blues, yellows and golds, so be sure to take full advantage of this with some vivid accessories. With a wedding being such a joyful event for everyone involved, your lively colours will fit right into the wedding scene.

For example, you could try enhancing the GIGI iridescent green dress with some lavish golden earrings and yellow high heels. The vibrancy and shimmer of this lively dress will work well alongside the striking appearance of the earrings and heels, creating a distinctive look for an elaborate wedding. The GIGI’s floor-sweeping drape and figure-hugging fit will ensure that you’re one of the best dressed in the room.

Minimal yet mesmerising

Alternatively, your green dress will benefit from being complemented more subtly if it is more prominent in style and colour. Depending on the colour of your dress, you can complement it in various understated ways. A light green dress will benefit from white hues. Feel free to experiment with this, but just make sure you don’t accidentally outshine the bride with your lighter accessories. By choosing white hues, you can risk going overboard with the white aesthetic and draw focus to you away from the bride. Ensure your accessories are complementing the dress and aren’t dominating it.

No matter what shade of green your dress is, it is a simple yet effective technique to pair your dress with accessories in the same or a similar shade of green. With no chance of causing colour clashes, add some neutral tones as well and the job is done.

With the LOTTIE teal dress, its intriguing colouring will create a stand-out effect from the dress alone so you are free to combine it with subtle accessories and you don’t have to stress out about trying to complement it. Choose some black flats and teal feather earrings for a look that is effortless yet classy.



This combination may be straightforward, but your outfit will by no means be dull. The teal beaded fringing and sequins create a mesmerising look loaded with shimmer. The feather hemline combined with the V-neck neckline adds even further to the extravagant aesthetic. Fully lined with chiffon, this dress will not only have you turning heads at the after-party but will keep you comfortable while you’re dancing the night away.

Green dresses for weddings at NADINE MERABI

We hope that you have found some useful tips to help you find out how to accessorise a green dress for a wedding.

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