Go gold in LUCINDA and NINA

Go gold in LUCINDA and NINA

Have you got something extravagant on your social calendar coming up? If so, have you considered your outfit for the occasion? At NADINE MERABI, there’s a staggering number of incredible gold outfits and fitted jumpsuits for women to wear. If you like the sound of glittering gold outfits for your next social event, continue reading to find the perfect piece for you. 

Gold for any occasion

No matter the occasion or time of year, gold outfits are always a good idea. So, it’s no surprise that some of MERABI’s most bedazzling pieces of clothing have become winning styles - mainly the LUCINDA Jumpsuit and NINA Midi Dress.

Both glittering outfits when worn command the room, you become the centre of the party and ensure no head goes unturned. Though the two pieces share several design features, such as detachable chain straps and our exclusive sequin in a dazzling golden hue, they also possess a style that is entirely each to their own.

LUCINDA Gold Jumpsuit

The LUCINDA Jumpsuit is a figure-hugging silhouette finished with flared trousers to create a recognisable appearance that offers timeless simplicity. As with all NADINE MERABI pieces, the LUCINDA jumpsuit has been designed to ensure that it makes you feel your best self. It also comes boned through the front, back and sides to create a cinched silhouette that is ultra comfortable.

When it comes to styling LUCINDA, you have a wealth of options. Lean into the retro silhouette by pairing her with chunky platform shoes and statement jewellery that adds to the gleaming effect of the all-over sequins. Another option is to keep things sleek by pairing the jumpsuit with an oversized black blazer for a shaper take on occasion wear.

Lean into modernity by choosing barely-there strappy sandals and a boxy bag for a finishing touch. The style itself is also up for interpretation depending on your mood. You have the option to remove the chain detail straps and belt - all of which are detachable offering endless versatility, allowing you to have fun with your outfit time and time again. 

lady stood holding a pole, wearing a gold sequin jumpsuit

NINA Dress

If you’re looking for a gold sparkly dress, then you won’t find many as alluring as the NINA dress. Where LUCINDA falls into flares, NINA is a mid-length, form-fit dress. One of NINA’s defining features that has ensured its status as a true MERABI favourite is the corset. It ensures a defined waist and the second-skin silhouette of the mid-length skirt.

The corset is complete with underwire cups that ensure comfortable support from the moment you slip into NINA until you hang her up for the next time. Expect to feel a million dollars in this dress that contours to your figure for a flattering appearance.

Wondering how to style a gold sequin dress? You’re in luck. Styling up NINA is yours for the taking. Why not pack her for your holiday and pair with standout sandals that will pull the whole look together? When the festive season hits, swap out the sandals for sky-high heels and slip your hair into a striking high-pitched ponytail that leaves plenty of room for jewellery to accentuate the dress’ glittering potential.

lady stood with her hand on her face, wearing a tight gold sequin midi dress


Though both outfits have their individual traits that prove it a challenge to pick between, the one thing we feel defines them the most is a shared characteristic: the way they make you feel. Whether you’re wearing LUCINDA for a birthday party or choosing NINA for a wedding celebration, both are designed to lift your spirits.

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