Woman wearing a velvet black jumpsuit with feather trim

Can you wear a jumpsuit to a black tie event

While you might be excited to receive an invitation to a black tie event, you may be left wondering what to wear. While traditionally women have always gone with a glamorous cocktail dress or a sophisticated gown, there are other options available. Fashion trends are changing and developing all the time, so you will often see stylish and unique alternatives showing up for special occasions. 

One black tie event clothing option that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the jumpsuit. Not only do they look great, but they’re effortlessly chic and sophisticated. They’re so popular that you may even spot a jumpsuit on the red carpet!

Of course, nobody wants to turn up to a black-tie event underdressed. So you may be left wondering; can you wear a jumpsuit to a black tie event? To help you out, our fashion experts here at NADINE MERABI have put together everything you need to make a jumpsuit black tie appropriate. From the do’s and don’ts to the perfect styles you should go for, here is everything you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.  

Can you wear a jumpsuit to a black tie event?

Black tie events are synonymous with a formal and elegant dress code so you may be right to consider whether a jumpsuit is appropriate. Traditionally, jumpsuits were known as more casual attire, but they’re evolved considerably over the last few years and now are a type of occasionwear that features some of the most refined and sophisticated designs on the runway. 

The important thing to know about wearing a jumpsuit to a black-tie event is what to wear, how to style it, and what accessories to go with it. So here are some of our most important jumpsuit-related do’s and don’ts. 

The do’s and don’ts

Do go for luxurious and elegant items

Here at NADINE MERABI, we believe strongly in the importance of quality and luxurious clothing items which is why our jumpsuits are the perfect option for your black tie event. For example, the MICHAELA Purple Jumpsuit provides you with a classic silhouette which is perfect for your special event. The round-neck feature keeps you looking sophisticated and the bright tones will make sure you stand out from the crowd. To add a bit of something fun, these purple feather trim cuffs take your outfit to a whole new level. 

Woman wearing a lilac jumpsuit with thread embroidery on a sheer-mesh base

Don’t go for baggy fits

As the typical jumpsuit fit can be quite tailored, you can be tempted to go for a more baggy or oversized fit. However, if you want your jumpsuit to be black tie event suitable then it is crucial that it fits correctly. You should avoid baggy jumpsuits that drown your body shape as this may appear too relaxed or casual for the event. 

Instead, you should opt for a fitted or tailored style jumpsuit that will show off your figure and create a sleek silhouette. Accessorise with a pair of heels and a clutch bag and you’re good to go! 

Don’t forget to add elegant accessories

No outfit is complete without those added extras to bring the whole look together. Therefore, we recommend that you add to the sophisticated look of your jumpsuit with the right accessories. Adding accessories that don’t look elegant enough may bring the look of your jumpsuit down altogether and not a black-tie event-worthy outfit. 

We recommend that you add a statement but muted belt that will cinch you in at the waist without taking away attention from the rest of your outfit. Similarly, adding elegant jewellery and a luxurious clutch will also elevate your look to a whole new level. Taking the time to find the right accessories can make or break your outfit! 

Our top black tie jumpsuit ideas 

Go for a classic black jumpsuit

If you want to create a timeless but modern look when wearing a jumpsuit at your next black tie event, then we recommend you go for a luxurious item such as the MONIQUE Black Jumpsuit.  With the addition of lace and velvet and a smooth fit, you can show off your figure while the nude lining provides you with the extra coverage needed for such a formal event. 

Woman wearing a lace and velvet jumpsuit with feathered cuffs

In terms of accessories, you can wear this type of jumpsuit either with or without a belt depending on how fitted you want your look to be. We would also recommend a pair of statement earrings, a dazzling silver clutch and some high strappy heels. This monochromatic palette outfit offers the exact type of sophistication needed for a black tie affair. 

Getting the perfect outfit for your next black tie event has never been easier thanks to the luxurious and high-quality clothing items that are available here at NADINE MERABI. 


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