Can you wear a black dress at a wedding?

Can you wear a black dress at a wedding?

Weddings are an exciting affair, with love in the air and all the guests dressed to impress. Amidst all the glitz, glamour, and love, there’s one question you may be asking: can you wear a black dress to a wedding? Here at NADINE MERABI, we’re all for all fashion conundrums and thought we’d put together this helpful guide on whether or not black is appropriate wedding attire. Read our blog now and find out more about appropriate wedding attire.

Can you wear a black dress at a wedding?

Ah, the black dress dilemma! If you’re wondering whether or not you can wear a black dress to a wedding, the general answer is yes! 

Black is chic, slimming, and always in style. However, as traditionally black has been associated with sadness & mourning, this can sometimes put people off. Fear not though, times are changing and wedding dress codes are pretty versatile nowadays. 

Any colour is pretty much acceptable for a wedding so you can go wild and choose whatever you like! Although, it's important to steer clear of wearing white unless explicitly instructed otherwise. White is traditionally reserved solely for the bride, and you don't want to inadvertently steal her spotlight so be sure to keep this in mind. 

Black dresses for weddings

When it comes to planning your wedding guest outfit, the key is to go for a dress that will make you not only look good but also feel good.

Our Olivia Black Dress is the perfect black dress for a wedding. While black might not be the most popular wedding guest colour, this dress oozes sophistication and class. Made with our infamous corset bodice to cinch your waist and embroidered with beautiful flower detailing, this dress will give you a timeless look. Paired with some bright accessories to add a dash of colour and you’ll have nailed the black dress for a wedding.

A woman walking down the stairs wearing a black dress

Black alternatives for wedding guest looks

If you’re keen on the idea of wearing a black outfit to a wedding but dresses aren’t your thing then opt for a stylish jumpsuit! 

Our Bella Black Jumpsuit would make for the perfect black wedding guest outfit. Inspired by Parisian style, this jumpsuit takes a modern twist on a traditional design, with intricate sequin embellished lace detailing. The flawless twist on a classic outfit.

A woman wearing a black jumpsuit

Accessorise to mesmerise

If you’re keen on adding a touch of black to your wedding guest outfit, do this through accessories! Pair a colourful dress with black heels, a black clutch, or even a statement black fascinator to add a dash of sophistication. It's all about striking a balance between elegance and playfulness.

Stick with dark colours

If you're set on wearing dark colours, consider opting for shades of grey & navy instead. 

A stylish navy dress paired with vibrant accessories can create a stunning and fashionable look that won't break any wedding dress code rules. Think silver jewellery, a vibrant fascinator or hat or a bold handbag to add that extra pop of personality.

The Daisy Navy Dress is a prime example of a navy-coloured dress that is the ideal wedding guest outfit. With a plunging neckline, this dress cinches at the waist and then puffs out into a full skirt, making this style feel glamorous and show-stopping.

A woman stood in a garden wearing a navy lace dress

Embrace the rainbow

While we’re discussing colours, why not go all out and embrace the rainbow? Weddings are happy, bright occasions and make for the perfect opportunity to show off your vibrant side. Reflect the celebratory mood and go for bright colours. From pastel pinks to mint greens and even sunshine yellows, there's a shade for every fashion-forward guest.

Our Esme Purple Dress is a stunning example of a vibrant dress that is made for a wedding. From its beautiful purple feather diamanté appliqué detailing to the hem to the shoulder pads to create an element of drama and structure to your physique, this dress will look beautiful in all of the wedding photos.

A woman wearing a purple dress

For a more understated look, opt for our Olivia Blush Dress. Simple, yet beautifully stylish, this dress is designed to make you feel as good as you’ll look. Pair with some pink heels and a statement clutch bag and you’ve got the wedding guest look of your dreams!

A woman stood wearing a blush pink dress

Dress to impress

When it comes to picking your wedding guest outfit, the most important thing is to consider the couple tying the knot.

Wearing black is totally acceptable for a wedding but it’s key to strike a balance between style and appropriateness. Consider the formality of the event, the wedding, and whether or not the couple has made any specific dress code requests. After all, you wouldn't want to show up to a summer wedding with a formal theme in a long black dress!

Wedding guest dresses from NADINE MERABI

Here at NADINE MERABI, we’ve got a range of clothing appropriate for all events. From bridalwear to date night outfits, we’ve got a range of clothing for you to choose from. Shop now and find the perfect wedding guest dress for you.

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