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A Message For This Mother's Day

A Message For This Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day, I want to take a moment to address something very close to my heart, as a new mother and an ally to others. 

Though I acknowledge I may never be able to fully comprehend the heartache of losing a child, I have recently been touched by someone very close to my heart. I want to show my solidarity and respect for the strength of these Mothers, who continue to carry their children in their hearts every day. 

I am proud to be a mother and to see first-hand the resilience of other women has very genuinely moved me and inspired me to speak openly about it this year.
Despite the complexities of motherhood, today, I celebrate the mother’s who grieve, for their unconditional love and the selflessness and strength of every one of you.

I see you Mothers and I commend your continuous strength.

- Nadine

For local support & resources:

(UK) Abigail’s Charity

(UK) Sands Charity

(USA) A Bed for my Heart

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